Business Ventures

We constantly identify viable businesses to build upon as a startup subsidiary under the group.

Business Takeover

We constantly source for businesses that possess potential growth opportunity to take over as a subsidiary of the group.

Consignments & Campaigns

We source for business collaboration in the form of products and service consignment basis, focusing on retailing to corporate sectors.

Business Brokerage

We constantly source for businesses who are looking to exit and assist them to prospect for potential buyers.

About Invesso

Invesso Pte Ltd is a business investment firm in Singapore that focuses on synergizing businesses to create higher market value. Positioning ourselves as a diversified holding company, we seek opportunities to build a portfolio that is resilient to economy changes.

Our Business Model

Using an “Octopus” like business structure, we own a number of subsidiaries to provide multiple streams of revenue, as well as synergizing the businesses to build more residual income.

This enables us to be dynamic and organize our key resources for marketing and operational activities to form a system which makes us resilient to economy changes.

We also constantly challenge ourselves to build creative businesses through unconventional solutions, in order to remain competitive in the market.