Marketing automation is more than just a buzzword that is easily thrown around in today’s growing digital media vocabulary; it’s a powerful tool that can help you succeed in business if implemented and managed effectively.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the software technology and platform that allows and enables your company to automate marketing and sales tasks so you can build brands, find clients, and engage customers.

For this post, we will outline the five benefits of marketing automation and why you should employ these tools in your business:

  • Better customer experience
    This is the reality: it’s an increasingly competitive battlefield in business and the company which neglects its customers will most likely fail in generating more revenues or boosting its sales. Customers these days are demanding, well-researched and knowledgeable about the products and services, all thanks to the ubiquitous social media platforms. They are seldom hesitant in expressing both their wants and needs. They also like to be taken care of, to be followed up on, and to be given attention. With marketing automation, you can be sure that your customers will receive a personalized marketing experience. How will that happen? Because marketing automation technology enables you to send emails that are triggered by their actions or behaviors. Ever wonder why you get a follow-up email from a travel services company asking if you forgot something after you “abandoned” items in your virtual cart?

  • Boost your email campaign
    Picture this: you have a fitness website that offers yoga webinars. In a day, let’s say, you have 1,000 visitors. Chances are more than 90% of those visitors are not yet ready to purchase your service. This is why it is important to create a way to let potential clients be “reachable.” How do you do that? Have them sign-up for future updates and deals. This is how you generate a lead, a potential customer. With marketing automation, that potential customer will receive in her email address a series of messages that are geared towards having them purchase a service. On Day 1, she will receive an email on the “5 benefits of yoga.” Two days after she signed up, she will receive another post in relation to the topic. On Day 3, she will be given free access to a basic webinar. All these can be done without a person continuously blasting out these messages. All these tasks can be automated and multiplied across 1,000 (or more!) potential clients for more efficient management and implementation of your marketing efforts.
  • Increase sales
    Along with an effective email campaign, automation will lead to increase in sales. As you transform your cold leads to warm leads, as customers become more engaged, you can then offer them services such as a month long beginner yoga’s course. Congratulations are in order right as you just transformed a lead to a customer? Nope, the narrative does not end there.Marketing automation allows you to utilize the power of up-selling, cross selling and even, cycle-based selling. From a month long beginner’s yoga course, automating your marketing efforts can up sell a one-year fitness plan that includes an addition of Zumba plus one-on-one coaching sessions with a mentor. You can cross-sell by offering yoga outfits or pants to wear during these sessions. You can even cycle sell by offering yoga retreats during the summer or fall. You will have various revenue streams that will increase your sales.
  • Team empowerment
    Marketing automation allows you and your team to manage repetitive and time-consuming tasks. No need to worry about the tendency of forgetting them or having to spend extra time in the office to make sure that the email campaign has been rolled out. Marketing automation tools will cover that. You empower your team by having them focus on what they do best and not on the mundane and repetitive tasks, without neglecting your potential and existing customers. Simply put, marketing automation workflows just well, flows even without a person doing all these tasks. Communication continues even without a person manually doing the job. Just schedule the release of each element of the campaign and you are ready to roll.
  • Creative and strategic planning
    Because they do not need to check who are the clients and what stage they are in, both marketing and sales teams can plan on what to do next. Their creative and strategic skills are not stifled by tasks such as sending emails and calling clients. They can devote their energy and focus on planning what to do next, what product or service to launch next, how to develop another product or service,  how to generate more sales.

Marketing automation is not rocket science. You do not need to be well-versed with the technical aspects of digital marketing in order to understand marketing automation. Invesso can assist you in making sure that your business continues to grow with the powerful tools of marketing automation. If you have more questions about marketing automation, contact us here for a 15-minute consultation and let’s see how we can work together to positively transform your business.

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