One of the struggles that businesses face these days is getting leads. Leads, in the context of digital marketing, are sales prospects or the initiation of inquiry from a customer for a particular product or service. Generating leads can originate from different and multiple touch points. A company can do direct emails, launch marketing campaigns or use the power of social media. 

But the business landscape is changing at unprecedented speed that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to address the challenge of generating new leads. The shotgun approach of trying to hit “all birds with one stone” is not a surefire way to generate leads too. 


There are reasons why it’s hard to get new leads:

  • It is tough to find good help — hard-working, dedicated, and committed sales people that is — who understand the language of this ever-changing sales and marketing arena. Added to that is what appears to be a shortage of employees who diligently follow through their jobs to generate and monitor sales prospects.
  • Picking up your phone to call someone to make introductory calls just does not seem to work. Imagine if you are on the other end of the line, you certainly will not want to waste your time by talking to a stranger who blabbers about a new product you are offering.
  • With the proliferation of junk and spam emails, it is highly unlikely that customers  will open emails sent by people they do not know. Direct mails in physical envelopes delivered to a person’s physical address seldom gets opened too. If they are, they go straight to the trash bins. 
  • Digital marketing/advertising is just too expensive. Companies cannot justify the need to spend a lot of money for this kind of execution. When it comes to cost per lead, humans just cost too much to justify the expense.  Finding even one good, qualified lead could cost upwards of $300 to $500 each. 

 Because of frustration and good sales sense, companies turn to the Internet for help. The common pitfall is to do an intensive social media campaign. Companies go to Facebook or Instagram. But are you sure you are reaching the right audience to generate substantive leads? Invesso went through this vicious cycle and we found solutions that can finally work for everyone.. 

Think about this…  Your prospects can start doing these.. 

  • Email you their interests to know more about your products or services.
  • Message you in LinkedIn that they are interested to know more. 
  • Book for phone calls or meetings in your calendar directly
  • Send you WhatsApp or Viber messages or even make a phone call to you!

So, we are conducting a preview class to share a little more with everyone. The session will be conducted by Christian Chua. He specializes in motivational keynote, development workshops and customised coaching services. You are in good hands! He will share with you more in how to..

  • Face Reading for Profiling & Communication

  • How To Be A Success Magnet

  • The Rhythm of Winning

  • Essential Influencing Skill

This is opened up to… Business Owners & Founders, Business Development & Directors, Marketing Directors & Managers, Sales Directors & Managers. Sales Directors & Managers, Property Agents, Insurance Agents. 

Interested to find out more? Need the bigger picture to see what you are getting into? You are invited to join for a preview class on 10 Dec at our Invesso Space. Click here to sign up!