There is no argument here; we love our companies and the brands, products, and services which go with it. But a lot of times, we love them a little too much that we fail to see what needs to be improved or what needs to be removed when we package them for promotions.

This is the reason why we need someone from the outside to look at us; to evaluate how we are doing and give us solutions to whatever challenges or issues that we may have. You may say, well, we can always evaluate objectively and think of ourselves not as members of a company, but as outsiders.

But… can this be done?


Problems with Self-Managed Marketing

When we look at our business and the positive image we want to achieve with our current and prospective clients, many times we do so with rose-colored lenses. We cannot see the changes which are needed to be made.

If you do marketing on your own or manage it within your ranks, it is almost like performing open-heart surgery on yourself, without any anesthesia. You might be able to do it, with limber hands and arms, but the results will not be pretty.

That is where outsourcing comes in.  It is certainly worth the time and effort to seek out a professional marketing group that shares the same passion that you do for your business.


Marketing Tracking Tools & Marketing Automation

Look for an agency that understands marketing tracking tools and marketing automation. These tools are essential in making sure that your marketing executions are delivered, followed up and monitored as they automate repetitive tasks such as social media updates, website actions and sending of emails.


 Having a marketing agency report to you about the figures generated from these tools give you a clear perspective of the marketing results. It gives a longer game place because they are strategically planned and executed.


Growing your business with outsourced marketing

Part of your strategy as a company is to grow your business over the long term. Having an agency manage all of your social media campaigns, advertising outreach, and public relations campaigns will give you peace of mind. It will also take away the burden from having to think about the nitty-gritty details of campaigning for your brand.

If you create your own marketing campaigns and decide to move forward to execute them, you will clearly not be an “island of one”. You will need staff and potentially a lot of them. Just think of the myriad of costs involved.

Instead, when you outsource your marketing to a professional organization, you pay one single fee and it is itemized right in front of you each and every month. No ups. No extras.


How can Invesso help you?

We want to make things realistic and chart out a comparison for your view.

Outsourced Marketing vs Managing marketing yourself:

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