If every single sales representative in the world had a lamp to rub and a genie came out, then selling would not be a challenge after all.

You only need to wish and… voila! Sales figures would go up automatically. No wasted sweat, no setting up of appointments, no follow-up phone calls, no email templates to contend with.

In reality though, there is no genie to grant your wishes, especially when it comes to increasing your sales figures. There are no shortcuts, as they say.

But you can have an ally, a system that can help get you through those manual tasks which eat up your time or take you away from what you should be focused on doing – – selling.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a whole new world of sales automation.

What is sales automation?

Sales automation, or what others refer to as sales force automation, is a technique which utilizes a software system to automate sales tasks such as customer management, sales forecast analysis, order processing, order tracking, information sharing, and contact management among a long list of tasks to complete.

But how exactly does sales automation work to help you increase sales within a shorter period of time?

Here are the points you need to know:

    • Sales reporting
      There’s no need to go through stacks of papers to monitor the performance of your sales representatives. With sales automation, you can speed up the tracking of your sales life cycles to help you reach your goals.
    • Win probability
      What’s the probability of you winning that deal? Sales automation tools can help you answer the question. You can create accurate sales forecasts so you can properly allocate your resources to deals that you will most likely close.
    • Marketing automation
      Skip the manual and repetitive tasks of social media and email responses with marketing automation. Marketing automation is an essential resource in capturing leads, nurturing them from awareness to action, analyzing behavior and campaign performance.
    • Segmentation
      Categorize your customers so you know which ones are most receptive to your products and services and which ones need follow-up. Be more efficient in your sales process with a tool that gives you an understanding of who your customers are and the actions they took.
    • Lead scoring
      Help your sales and marketing teams judge how close you are in sealing a deal with lead scoring. Rank your prospects against a scale that represents the value of the prospects to your organization. This way, you can make better use of your resources by prioritizing prospects and eventually, convert your efforts to more sales.
    • Notification emails
      Create an omnipresent salesforce as you keep track of your team’s performance. Let them know it’s time to follow up on a prospect or further nurture relationship with a prospect.
    • Automated deal updates
      Give updates to your team as you move the deal from one stage to the next. Use automation to update the deal title, status and even add tasks as needed.
    • Task assignment
      You cannot remember everything but with task assignment automation, you can manage to-dos with your sales team using one platform. This way your team can work collaboratively.
    • Note creation
      Write down your notes directly into the system so everyone can read your thoughts and the next steps that the team needs to undertake. This way, tasks are clear because you know where you are headed.

Of course, this does not mean that you will leave everything to technology and robots; it only means that with the intelligent creation of human beings, there are tools which now come in aid of accomplishing certain tasks and reaching your sales goals.

Check out an example of a sales automation below!

Make the smart move with Invesso

With effective and efficient sales automation tools, your company will be able to generate more sales without having your sales representatives go through the daily rigors of shuffling through papers, calling each person for assignments and sending individual emails. They can focus on selling or increasing sales rather than taking half an hour or more in searching for details about a particular customer.

At Invesso, we believe that smart automation can help businesses streamline their operations while eliminating the costly option of hiring personnel to do this job.

To know more about sales automation and how this system can help you optimize your business, you can reach our team here for a free consultation or you may opt to sign up for our 14-day free trial.

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