For many businesses that are conscious about their digital marketing efforts, search engine optimization (SEO) or its wider term, search engine marketing (SEM), has been the go-to strategy to strengthen online presence.

SEO/SEM has taken the world of digital marketing by storm because as more customers gain access to the Internet and rely more greatly on the world wide web in making decisions, they turn to search engines to literally “search” for answers and suggestions. In many ways, Google has replaced physical books, phone books and even the Yellow Pages. The online visibility of a website or a webpage has since been crucial in growing businesses and maintaining optimum business performance. They say it is all about algorithm and the practice of SEO is all about increasing the number of visitors to a website by making it more visible in search engines.

However, digital marketing is more than just SEO or SEM. In fact, there is an array of options and choices that can help you grow your business.

The ‘Fragrance’ case study

This is evident in our experience with the integrated marketing solutions of Fragrance Foodstuff Pte Ltd, which started in 1969 and incorporated in 1990 in Singapore. The company is the traditional retailer of Bak Kwa (or rou gan), a dried savoury sweet meat usually made from pork and served in the form of thin square slices. The product is a favourite local snack in Singapore, and considered a staple during the New Year celebration.

When we analyzed this case, we found out that the company faced challenges on the following areas: lack of digital presence, traditional outlook and focus, and common marketing campaigns that do not stand out. Understanding and studying these challenges, our team from Invesso worked on crafting an integrated marketing plan, which included digital marketing solutions to improve Fragrance’s overall brand visibility and image.

Solutions beyond SEO/SEM

SEO boosted Fragrance’s online presence. The visibility of the brand and corporate promotions went up and we saw increased visits to the website. SEM, on the other hand, increased the amount of directed traffic . We addressed the needs on stationary direct traffic and digital exposure so Fragrance can be found easily after noting that there is a rising number of people searching on Google for deals online during the festive season.

While SEO and SEM were key to the success of Fragrance’s corporate order campaign, these two were not the sole ingredients for the company’s revitalized presence.

We worked on web development and social media campaign, with each one implementing different nodes of highly effective initiatives to strengthen the brand’s online presence. These marketing initiatives addressed issues on how a long-standing company like Fragrance, which implemented traditional promotional strategies such as taxi advertising, was able to transform itself into a brand with robust online activity owing to the active and direct visits of customers to its site.

As an example, we set up an online order system for Fragrance, which facilitated the convenience of online orders. The new system featured online payment methods, dynamic pricing based on delivery dates, and a web page that was designed for conversions. The case study found out that the new system improved the way orders could be received, and how users can receive or find out more information with a comprehensive brochure that can be downloaded on the page. With this system, the number of orders received went up by more than 80%.

In the area of social media marketing, we worked on a Viral Video Campaign 2018 which emphasized the value of coming home to your family on Chinese New Year. The video reached close to 800,000 Singaporeans with over 4,900 shares, 6,200 likes and over 400 comments. Results from this study revealed that sales in retail stores soared from 18th Jan 2018 to 16th Feb 2018, breaking a new sales record.

We went beyond keywords to achieve and accomplish all these milestones.

We implemented a marketing campaign that utilized a wide range of activities carried out with a holistic approach. Invesso was able to assist Fragrance to achieve the following: increase in overall revenue, improved branding and value, more corporate bulk orders and distribution enquiries, boost of online presence, and reach a wider range of audiences.

For the full version of the case study, please refer here.

Where to go from here?

SEO or SEM is not the end-all and be-all of digital marketing; they are just two ingredients to a successful digital marketing campaign. What we pointed out above are some of the ways on how you can bring your company to the level of success that Fragrance is now enjoying.

If you are interested in exploring this route, but you are still not sure that you can grow your business beyond SEO or SEM, feel free to get in touch with us here and we will be happy to discuss these matters with you. Let Invesso help in customizing your marketing strategies and achieve amazing results!