We have relocated!

We made great memories and did plenty of productive work in our old offices. We learned a great deal about teamwork, cooperation, and innovation by working with each other. While we love the spirit of camaraderie and togetherness in our old offices, it is time to move to our new home.

When the idea of the move was raised to us some time ago, our location was the subject of a thorough and extensive discussion knowing that our physical presence will have an impact on the way we do business and deliver services.

Anything is possible when we are located at the very heart of the economic landscape of Singapore. With a bigger space to develop and carry out our creative, technical and social pursuits, we are bringing more added value to you our clients. In our new space, we are able to organise video and product shoots as well as conduct trainings and seminars. That means more room 

for creative planning, marketing brainstorming, and story conferences. The possibilities are endless!

We now have a substantial space for making anything and everything possible as we continue to espouse the Invesso values of accountability, sustainability, innovation, integrity, respect, and collaboration.

While this is a new space for us, rest assured that we remain focused on fulfilling the needs of our clients. You are most important to us. We hold close to our hearts and minds the Invesso culture of flexibility, diversity, collaboration, and professionalism, which guides the way we do business.

Come visit us one of these days! We are located at 144 Robinson Road #14-01, Singapore 068908.