You have good intentions. You really want to see your employees to be productive and efficient in their line of work. You have good intentions. You really want to see your employees to be productive and efficient in their line of work.

But what if the job entails doing the same task over and over again on a daily basis?

It can be daunting and quite frankly, annoying, knowing that such tasks can be fulfilled with a system that involves less manpower and provides a more effective follow-up to both present and prospective clients.

Invesso can help you perform these tasks efficiently and effectively by employing automation, a software system that can automate sales tasks such as customer management, sales forecast analysis, order processing, order tracking, information sharing, and contact management; all these and more among a long list of tasks to accomplish.

With automation, you can help your employees achieve their goals without getting swamped by repetitive tasks.

Here’s how automation works for a busy salesperson:

• The moment a contact is added in the company database, the salesperson sends an introduction email.

• Waiting time is often one day giving the other end enough time to check email and respond.

• If the contact responds, great! The salesperson sends a personalized email with more information and then sets an appointment.

• After appointment, a series of personalized emails will be sent over a certain period of time in order to maintain the relationship.

• If the contact does not respond, automation sets up task such a follow-up call with the contact.

• After which, the automation system will send another follow-up email to your contact.


With automation, your sales team can follow-up with your customers without spending valuable work time with each contact. Automation can also easily recover inactive contacts. With constant follow-up because of automation, your business can regain opportunities despite loss deals. More importantly, as constant communication is crucial in keeping business alive, automation enables you to stay connected with your customers easily.


Automation also works for your marketing team too, as they can integrate marketing efforts through the system.

Automation is a smart business solution so your marketing team can qualify prospects based on interest levels and identify areas for improvement through reports.

Overall, your company can benefit from automation because you will be able to accomplish more tasks with less manpower. This will make your business more productive because you will be able to reduce manual tasks to focus on core businesses.

Lastly, we will also be conducting a seminar on sales automation, Learning how Sales Automation can grow your business and team, on Thursday, August 01, 2019. Get your complimentary seats here to get an overview of how sales automation can be maximised to bring your business and your team to the next level!

Allow us to help you scale up your business by minimizing manpower and costs. Contact Invesso if you need to ask more questions. We will give you the answers!