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Print City specializes in Offset/Digital Printing, Large Format Printing and Custom Printing for local companies. Its in-house production printing machines and team of operators have been able to handle various printing jobs, both large and small. The printing projects served ranges from events, exhibitions, roadshows to print installation services for businesses and channel partners. Print City prioritizes on business development and customer service and thus, resulting to the many recurring customers. With the online traffic and search engine ranking improving tremendously, Print City is set to be the one-stop portal for the printing needs of commercial purposes in Singapore.

Website: https://www.printcity.com.sg/


The Verticals is one of the leading pioneers in the industry with a portfolio of essential services including Business Consultancy, Web Application, Marketing, Brand and Design.

We provide consultancy services through distinct roles to help businesses and organizations around the globe achieve efficiency and growth initiatives. By leveraging on our strong business and IT knowledge, we can synergize both business strategies with technologies to improve processes and create new opportunities. In each task we take on, our ultimate goal is to enhance business value for our customers.

With an experience of over 15 years, The Verticals have been helping businesses and organizations to achieve their objectives through latest technologies. We understand your challenges and can plan strategies to gear your business growth with a competitive edge.

You can trust that we provide top notch web development services and integrated solutions to serve your specific needs – something that is indispensable these days!

Website: http://www.theverticals.com.sg


Wordemy is a powerful human translation solution that connects clients and professional translators instantaneously. Whether you are translating content from a website, CVs, legal document, marketing collaterals or any other types of document, simply upload your file to Wordemy and you will get your content translated within hours. Wordemy continuously strive to provide one of the fastest human translation service in the entire world while maintaining extremely high quality translation output for all our clients.

Website: https://www.wordemy.com

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MOVO is an innovative car advertising platform that connects drivers and advertisers via it’s very own intuitive and automated system. Through MOVO platform, drivers are able to register their interest as a brand ambassador for the advertisers and able to track their income and campaign in their Driver’s Dashboard. As for the advertisers, they are able to search through MOVO’s database of drivers through an advanced car filtering search engine system and shortlist only the most suitable drivers. Advertisers are also able to track their car advertising campaign 24/7 via the Advertiser’s Dashboard that display information such as participating cars, status of decal installation and mileages.

Without a doubt, MOVO is certainly the first of it’s kind car advertising solution.

Website: http://www.movo.com.sg


Started out in 2015, Cleano Services specializes on providing contractual cleaning services for offices and commercial clients. Cleano’s services have supported over hundred of local SMEs, MNCs and government bodies, in both contractual and ad-hoc basis. With a team of experienced cleaning professionals, Cleano is able to provide a wide range of cleaning services at competitive rates for our clients. Today, the business has been growing tremendously due to it’s lead generation capability backed by a dedicated and experienced team of Invesso’s marketers.

Website: www.cleano.com.sg


Initially started out as a photography studio, Selfiebox had evolved into provision of photo booth and instaprints services for events such as Weddings, Corporate Dinners, Carnivals, Exhibitions and many more to come.  With a healthy base of clienteles and social media followers, Selfiebox continues to generate enquiries from referrals and recommendations.

Website: www.selfiebox.com.sg



eZvent is a one-stop solution for events and occasion of all scale. The business strives to provide an unforgettable event experience and memory to all guests as we offer a multitude of services, including rental of live equipment, photo booth stations, entertainment choices, as well as balloon decorations at very competitive rates. Today, eZvent had served hundreds of clients from SMEs, MNCs, Schools and Government Bodies. With a wide array of services, the business was able to meet the requirements for most events.

Website: www.ezvent.com.sg

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Tissue Guru is one of Singapore’s leading production house for Tissue Advertising. Over the years, we have developed an in-house production house to supply advertorials tissue packs for our corporate clients and government bodies. Cardboard Tissue ads are proven to be the most effective in terms of cost, conversions and turnaround time. With Cardboard Tissue Ads, there are countless ideas to be implemented, such as discount vouchers, coupons, promotions & many more.

Website: http://www.tissueguru.com.sg


As the name implies, sourcing for corporate gifts should not be on a whim, a marketing budget item that has be expensed off, and certainly not the act of simply choosing an item you feel you would like for yourself. The last instance is the way most people choose presents for friends and loved ones, by the way. Its a firm no-no in choosing the perfect gift for your clients or partners. Unlike most gifts and premium suppliers in Singapore who are only interested in acting like a trader, we at Giftsmart truly believe that we bear the heavy responsibility of building corporate relationships. Gifting should not be taken lightly. In fact we pride ourselves in being a consultant who will guide and hand-hold you to find that ideal corporate gift that says it all. At Giftsmart we firmly believe in GIFTING THE SMART WAY.

Website: http://www.giftsmart.com.sg


Little Green Garden is a Terrarium supplier specializing in building miniature garden with style conscious. Little Green Garden hopes to bring nature and plants to home and offices, as well as happiness to people who owns them. We want to connect people with nature in today’s world, as we are overwhelmed with technology and city-life. We look forward to bring our love for nature and greenery to people through these little terrarium garden that encapsulates a story that you hope to share with your love ones, a person who you care for, or even just for yourself.

Website: http://www.littlegreengarden.com.sg


Balloons Guru is a Singapore based company that specializes in supplying balloons, decors and party/event supplies for any occasions: birthdays, proposals, weddings, baby showers and many more. We provide a wide variety of products and services that is sure to cater to your every need. We have pearlized and solid coloured latex balloons, alphabets and number foil balloons, pet walkers, air walkers, balloons bouquets, balloon archs, flower pom-poms, paper fans, flower petals, garlands and various food decors. We even offer packages that include printing services such as customized balloon printings, invitation cards printings and photo cards printing. Balloon is happiness and Balloons Guru strives to bring that happiness to you for every occasion.

Website: http://www.balloonsguru.com.sg